Today, your “Big Sister” shirt shares some big news to friends and family! A short time ago, this was actually surprise news to us as well. No IVF or fertility treatments this time. A one in a million chance happened. To us. A few years after we thought we had the worst luck. I can’t help but think that you, our sweet little girl, and all the joy you’ve brought us over the past 22 months has something, if not everything, to do with it. That’s why you’re the best and I wrote this for you.

Lola shares news that she's going to be a big sister!

Lola shares news that she’s going to be a big sister!

“I whisper “you’re the best” as you sleep,
This is the meaning my heart will keep.
You bring out the best in me,
A person I never knew I could be.
A selfless love, deep with devotion,
All so effortlessly put into motion,
Because you’re the best.

I sleep less but dream more,
Wanting to give you what I never had before.
A hand to hold through every trial,
Or even carry you for a while.
Your laughter warms my every cell,
And pride so pure when you do well,
Because you’re the best.

I now see your daddy with different eyes,
As he comforts you to calm your cries.
You did the same for him not long ago,
Placed a seed of hope for his soul to sow.
To be the best father he could be,
Didn’t want frailness for you to see.
So he found strength at his weakest point,
even with pain in every joint,
Because you’re the best.

Life is so full now that you are here,
Hard recalling time before you my dear.
You were the missing piece all along,
Two songbirds without a song.
Now we are three,
soon four we will be.
Bringing sunshine when skies were grey,
You showed us the way,
Because you’re the best.”