d49372109464bdebdb29e0075f7de065It’s only fitting that I planned to write this letter about Balance two weeks ago, but life got too crazy and I never found the time.

I wanted to write about it because my friend and fellow business owner (and “Amy” club member) Amy Kirchen just announced that she was going to close her boutique to focus on being a mom while her daughters were still little. She’s a tenacious, talented, hard-working woman. But she’s also a mom of two. She figured she can always re-open later, but she can never re-open these years with her girls.

I can’t imagine how difficult it was to make that decision, but now as a working mom, I understand why I would CONSTANTLY see articles about “work-life balance” in all my women’s magazines. That’s the thing though. We talk about balance as if there’s some formula, trick or method to navigate our way to this enigmatic place.

I just read an article where Ivanka Trump was interviewed about being a working mom, and it stuck with me because it’s so true. She said “People obsess too much about balance. A scale is only in balance for a brief second. Inevitably the pendulum swings. It’s impossible to maintain. Rather than obsess over perfect balance, I like to focus on my priorities.”

That’s how you have to think about balance. It’s a constant give and take. Letting go and holding on. Imagine balance as that ever-fluctuating scale rather than a destination.

Now, I say this taking my own advice as a work in progress. I’ve always been a “yes” person, always taking on more responsibilities than I should, and getting MUCH less sleep than I needed. But I want you to have the best of me not the rest of me. So, I’m working on my balancing act, or should I say my prioritizing act.